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Sun System LEC Brand Fixtures 315W, 630W

  • $ 487.95
  • Save $ 122

Sun System LEC Brand 315 Watt and 630 Watt Grow Light Fixtures utilize cutting edge Light Emitting Ceramic® brand technology. Fixture has 98% reflective German aluminum insert and 95% reflective textured corners for excellent output, uniformity and diffusion. Highly efficient agriculturally engineered CDM-T 315 Watt and 630 Watt LEC brand bulbs. Greatly improved full color light spectrum out of next generation ceramic lamps. Higher amounts of beneficial UV and far red spectrums increase the bulbs growth power to the plants. Very high 1.95 PPF (photosynthetic photon flux) per second light source. 3100°K Green Power or 4200°K color temperature, high 92 CRI, 33,000 initial lumens (105Lm/W). Long life 20,000 hour bulb. High 90% lumen maintenance @ 8000 hr. High 85% PPF maintenance @ 20,000 hr. Unique open rated lamp construction reduces radiant heat from the arc tube and is suitable for open fixture use. 50/60 Hz low frequency, square wave, highly efficient Philips electronic ballast rated for 50,000 hour ballast life. The Philips brand electronic ballast incorporates built in thermal protection. All models have a 6 foot power cord.

Low Prices

  • 315 Watt Grow Light Fixture - ONLY $487.95
  • 315 Watt Grow Light Air-Cooled Fixture - ONLY $567.95
  • 630 Watt Grow Light Air-Cooled Fixture - ONLY $956.95

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