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General Hydroponics FloraDuo A & B Nutrients

  • $ 15.00

General Hydroponics FloraDuo is a revolutionary new fertilizer product. Using only two components, growers can mix a large range of different nutrient blends for different kinds of plants and for phases of growth from seedling through harvest. The ratios of key ingredients including Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfate and micronutrients all change to meet plant needs.

A unique nutrient system that's designed to get your plants growing strong and harvest-ready, General Hydroponics FloraDuo comes in two parts: FloraDuo A and FloraDuo B. Whether your plants are at different stages or you have specific flowering requirements for each plant, Flora Duo delivers primary, secondary and micronutrients that they need.

Low Prices: 1 Quart A or B $15.00; 1 Gallon A or B $34.00

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