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Heavy 16 Fire Hydroponic Nutrients

Heavy 16 Fire - PK Booster, Phenotype Stimulator

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Heavy Fire, a PK Booster and Phenotype Stimulator, represents the ultimate hand crafted P / K booster created through strict adherence to nutritional chemistry and biological principals. Heavy Fire is a versatile bloom stimulant that can, because of its ingredients, be incorporated into any existing plant system and nutrient program. Starting Heavy Fire in the last one to two weeks of Veg and going through the entire bloom cycle with a gradual ramp will provide you pre-bloom stimulation, and, will supply intermediate and late-phase Cascading Delivery TM of Phosphorous. Also, running Heavy Fire in the late phase of veg will provide for a larger, more resilient root mass, and create larger, more branched foliage.

Heavy Fire is formulated in a method that actually brews the material instead of just simply blending it. Natural aging times and subsequent homogenization of both virgin minerals with hand-selected ultra-fine ingredients makes Heavy Fire become a chemistry all its own. This combination of ingredients and blending procedures creates a perfect balance between plant nutrition and stimulation from one bottle, allowing the grower to simplify their nutrient regiment while achieving the true quality their plants genetics code for.

Heavy Fire offers an internal time-released offering of Phosphorous. This allows for a continual presence of Phosphorus for energy transfers and other critical time sensitive functions when the plant is naturally demanding P. As an added bonus, Phosphite will actually function as a fungicide by encouraging nuclei within the plants cells to release natural defense molecules that attack fungal pathogens directly while also adding to the mass of the cell wall.

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