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Heavy 16 Bud A B Nutrients

Heavy 16 Bud A & B - Flowering Base

  • $ 13.99

Flowering Base, Cascading Calcium, Superior Chelation, Intense Phosphorous and Potassium

Low Prices:

  • 1 Quart - $13.99
  • 1 Gallon - $55.99
  • 2.5 Gallons - $99.99

Heavy 16 Bud A & B is the highest grade bloom nutrient on the Planet. It’s because Bud embodies the next level of nutrient brewing craftsmanship and quality. It represents our new-school plant nutrition philosophies that achieve the finest crop quality and yield. Quality farmers and world class plant breeders love The Heavy 16 Bud because of its simplicity, and its unique ability to express the desired traits of top genetics. Heavy 16 Bud does not require a long list of “add-ons”.

The Bud builds larger, more integrated roots, foliage, and vascular systems, and add to this a heightened fruit set and quality. The chemistry of Heavy 16 Bud contains the most plant bio-available versions of Phosphorous and Potassium plus micronutrients to ensure superior quality and yields. Exotic trace elements, natural high-grade chelators, and our multiple forms of Calcium back up the traditional mineral nutrition with a synergism that is second to none.

We know the special derivatives blended into Heavy 16 Bud will give you the confidence to push your plants where others nutrients will fail you, because we designed it around this traditional scale of crop quality and used only the best natural and mineral derivatives for unheard-of balance and efficacy under pressure. Heavy 16 Bud is the true embodiment of the years of experience in the field that gave us respect for traditional ways while harnessing the current horticultural technology platform we are at.

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