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600W LED Grow Light Spectrum King SK600

  • $ 1,495.00

Get the brightest LED grow light available on the market. Similar energy output to 1,000-Watt HPS grow light. It can be used for both vegetative and flower growth. Save 44% of energy compared to High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide light bulbs.

  • Full-spectrum 640 Watt LED grow light
  • Made in USA
  • 92% Energy Efficiency!
  • New 7” Low Profile housing
  • Rugged waterproof housing designed for wet and humid growing environments
  • Extra efficient heatsinks lower overall ambient room temperature.
  • Same light intensity as a 1000-Watt dual-ended high pressure sodium bulb
  • Nine-foot power cord and two large eyehooks for hanging included

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