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100W Compact LED Grow Light

  • $ 249.00

Replace your T5 fluorescent grow light fixtures or 250-Watt High Pressure Sodium grow light setups with this 100-Watt compact LED grow light. It is best suited for smaller grow spaces and shorter plants. It provides plenty of energy for both vegetative and flowering growth. Ideal for closet spaces or grow tents.

  • Replace T5, compact fluorescent lights and 250 Watt HPS bulbs
  • Save on energy with with these high-efficiency LED grow lights
  • Provide adequate light from seed to harvest without the need to change light bulbs
  • Designed to withstand wet and humid conditions
  • Efficient heat sink for easy temperature control
  • Specially designed 90-degree reflectors spread light evenly to your plants
  • Each light ships with a six-foot power cord, hanging clips and bracket for easy installation
  • Long-lasting power for more than 50,000 hours

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